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Wayfinding in Residential Care Facilities



Let’s start with Wayfinding:

Wayfinding is the name given to the art and science which allows us put the right information in the right place at the right time, in order to provide the user with an easy journey through a possibly difficult environment.

From the user’s point of view wayfinding should seem simple.  In order for this to happen we often have to solve a complex problem.

Key Wayfinding Elements

·         Correct information at key wayfinding points

·         Determine location within a setting – starting point

·         Develop a plan to get from location to destination

Key Signage Elements

·        Legible at a distance

·        Use upper and lower case letters for highest legibility

·        Strong contrast between panel colour and text colour – dark background and lighter colour

.        Text recommended

·        Braille and Tactile

·        Ease of change

·        Use of Pictograms and or image of the room behind the door

·        Place signs within the line of vision to increase detection and legibility.


In recent Residential Care Homes we have been asked to produce signage that is suitable for a Dementia Unit, here the use of images to represent the room have proven very successful.

At the end of the day there are four criteria of signage – Visibility, Legibility, Comprehensibility and Credibility.

Let us help you keep it simple!








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