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Colour and Signage

We are regularly asked to incorporate graphic solutions on walls. There are endless possibilities with digital printing and clever vinyl application, and we have developed a range of product applications which offer varying degrees of flexibility.

A simple colour code can be of value in orientating the visitor, especially if it is extended into the colour code of the interior.  This is particularly effective in lift lobbies of different floors particularly in multi storey buildings.

In busy public spaces such as hospitals, colleges, hotels and conference venues it is important to ensure that signs stand out and easily found.  Size and placement are important as is the contrast between the panel colour and text and the background wall. The use of symbols transcends language barriers and work well for those with visually impairment.

The arrow is the most common symbol used in signing and indeed the most misused, it is designed to give clear directionality, avoid unnecessarily complicated arrows.

At the end of the day there are four criteria of signage – Visibility, Legibility, Comprehensibility and Credibility.

Let us help you keep it simple!