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Facilities Management and Corporate Identity

For many clients in the corporate world change has become a way of life


Companies relocate. 


They re-brand due to merger or acquisition.


Departments move from floor to floor and change their names and staff turnover has reached levels unheard of in the past.


We are constantly evolving our products and services and have become experts in building flexibility into our wayfinding solutions without compromising quality. Change does not necessarily mean that the whole signage system has to be altered.


A well judged sign system will help reassure those who find themselves in unfamiliar territory, and promote the efficient running of a facility.


·         Traffic flow

·         User behaviour

·         Lift and stair locations

·         Site and urban analysis


All contribute to the development of the wayfinding structure and the sign type selected.


Awareness of the needs of the visually impaired has increased significantly in recent years.  With an emphasis on accessibility for all, Braille and tactile can be included in the manufacture of signage.


 External                                        Internal                                             Accessibility For All

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