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Signage in Hospitals

Architectural signage in a Healthcare facility can be challenging as the ease with which a staff member working in their own environment will find their way around will differ from that of a patient or visiting relative who may be anxious or a service supplier going about their business. The Wayfinding signage system needs to work for all.

Over the years, we have created solutions based on the through analysis of traffic flow, user group and information need, a method known in our business as wayfinding



The use of terminology is of particular relevance in healthcare. Medical names derived from Greek and Latin may not be familiar to the public. Long and or abbreviated names are difficult to read.

Terminology should be:

  • Consistent
  • Unambiguous
  • Be as brief as possible
  • Have the same meaning for everyone
  • And be formulated in a positive manner

Use of symbols:

  • Symbols are easily recognised
  • They transcend language barriers
  • Work well for children and the visually impaired

MG Pacific projecting with pictos Living Health, Mitchelstown, Co Cork MG Pacific Meeting Room sign MG Messenger External Wall panel MG Pacific picto panel MG Pacific Projecting Wall Panel Birr Community Care Centre       

Use of colour Coding

  • Colour schemes to identify floors

Cork University Maternity Hospital Cork University Maternity Hospital Cork University Maternity Hospital Colour Coding     

Essential today in all healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals, is a hand cleansing facility. It is a unique challenge to present cleaning materials and instructions in an attractive user-friendly way and so encourage visitor compliance. It is also important that all signage is maintenance free and can be cleaned with just a soft dry cloth.

Infection Control- Blackrock Clinic Infection Control - Mater Private       



‘ The National Maternity Hospital is an old structured building, finding strategic space to have alcohol gel dispensers, posters  which encourage the correct cleaning of  hands and space for information leaflets is a big challenge for the Infection Control Department. Since introducing the alcohol gel stands at the main entrances of the hospital, more visitors, patients and staff are using the alcohol gels and availing of the leaflets.’

Ms Shideh Kiafar  Infection Control Specialist National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin 2

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