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Ariadne Digital

Manage busy indoor environments more effectively with Ariadne.

Ariadne is the world's first intelligent sign solution. It uses full screens to display information, welcome visitors and guide them to their destination.

Ariadne indicates the way at all key points using the name of the department , company or event. This makes it simple for visitors to find their destinations.

Ariadne is part of a complete wayfinding solution. It blends into any environment and offers guidance that is clear and concise. Interior panels are modular and totally interchangeable making the system easy to manage. There are formats for every situation: wall-mounted and freestanding.

In a conference or event setting, the Ariadne system integrates bookings with a signage system. Ariadne's overview and directional signs controlled from a central point guide the visitors delivering them effortlessly to their correct destination. Ariadne can be incorporated in your IT infrastructure. It can interface with all major calendar, room booking and facility management systems, ensuring the utmost in organisational efficiency.

In a busy reception area you have a captive audience. Log on to the internet, for example, to display useful information like traffic updates, flight departure times or stock prices. Tune into television broadcast for the latest news, sport and weather.

Ariadne's ultra-thin, full colour graphics facility has been used to good effect; the client is offered the opportunity to display their company and brand identity.

The design of the signs themselves fits perfectly with the design of the space, reinforces the prestigious image that the client wishes to project.

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