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Wayfinding Survey

The sign system is there to help everybody irrespective of their circumstances to get around but if it is based on insufficient knowledge or poorly designed it will let people down.

They may become stressed, alienated or even get lost. In our survey we analyse traffic flows, stairs and lifts and site layout.

Our expertise in providing a wayfinding survey will lead to an effective signing brief, which will provide the necessary basis for the wayfinding signage schedule and the sign system.

Our Survey Service looks at the following areas:

  • Does the sign system reiterate what the architecture states
  • Collaborate with the design team and client
  • Environmental communication – perception and understanding of the environment
  • How users situate themselves in the space and use information provided
  • Functional impact – measurable in terms of efficiency
  • Accessibility and public safety, compounded for people with a disability
  • Spatial Orientation: The static relationship to space
  • Wayfinding: The dynamic relationship to space
  • Circulation systems
  • Avoid unnecessary frustration and stress, affecting users perception of the setting and its owners.