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Wayfinding Planning

From the survey and project brief, we apply ourselves to further define and understand the needs of all user groups.

Visitors, staff, suppliers, clients – to gain a ‘feel’ for the environment and address the major issues of identity/marketing, budget, deadlines and key areas of concern.

Carry out a review and appraisal with site analysis.

  1. Wayfinding
  2. Methodology – Methods of providing information i.e. Location Maps, Directories, Department signs, Directional, Information Notices, Door & Safety signs.
  3. Information Needs
    Who are the users? What do they need to know?
    How much information can they realistically retain at various stages
  4. Product
    Product form and type.
    Appropriate to environment, users, vandal resistance, weather and flexibility
  5. Graphics
    Typeface, contrasts, corporate image, pictograms & symbols, use of colour etc.
    The collation of all of the above into a detailed sign schedule ‘WayfinderReport’, which becomes a working document for the client, to implement phases & budget and to manage future change.