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Wayfinding Design

We have thirty six years of experience in aligning our sign systems with the ‘look and feel’ of the clients’ identity. We understand the importance of consistency in brand expression.

Our products are carefully designed to allow us to find an appropriate balance between one-of-a-kind and the flexibility of system signage. Whether you want the signs to blend in and complement the décor or stand out and be noticed, we will work to create the perfect sign for your project.

For many of our clients in the corporate world change has become a way of life, companies relocate, they re-brand due to merger or acquisition. Departments move from floor to floor and change their names and staff turnover has reached levels unheard of in the past.

We are constantly evolving our products and services and have become experts in building flexibility into our wayfinding solutions without compromising quality. Change does not necessarily mean that the whole signage system has to be altered.