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Wayfinding Analysis

Based on our survey the signs will be placed in a hierarchy, taking the user through the journey level by level.

The complexity of the site will determine the number of signs required. Destinations should be ordered and grouped consistently.

The most common is alphabetically, but by direction, priority location or function are other options. There are four criteria to a good signage brief:

  • Visibility: Can the signs be seen and are they in the right place
  • Legibility: Can the sign be read from an appropriate distance and are the needs of the visually impaired taken into consideration
  • Comprehensibility: Is the information clearly understood and is the language and terminology appropriate to the user group
  • Credibility: Does the style of the sign inspire confidence and compliment the architecture and client image.
  • Result: A signage brief that will help people find their way easily and safely and comply with health, safety and accessibility legislation.