We generally find our way around complex environments by means of a process known as cognitive mapping, creating a mental image of a place, which improves as we get to know it.

Environmental graphics can play a major role in interiors; differentiating zones of similar appearance and helping us remember where to go. A simple colour code can help orientate the visitor.

A well judged signage system will help reassure those who find themselves in unfamiliar territory and promote the efficient running of the facility.

Our working method brings together the facts and our experience in analysing
complex infrastructure. Trust us, we’re specialists.

Wayfinder Systems® provides a full consultation service, which follows an agreed structure:

  • Briefing Meeting
  • Relate briefing to architecture
  • Agree image that is to be portrayed
  • Agree functionality
  • Wayfinding Survey
  • Flexibility and changeability

This process is tailored to the sector:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Architect
  • Project Management Companies
  • Facilities Managers
  • Corporate Clients

The Process:

  • listen to project requirement
  • wayfinder survey
  • accessibility study (signs for visually impaired etc.)
  • advice on style options
  • reading distances
  • specialist knowledge
  • Full Multilingual Signage

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