What is Wayfinding?

February 14th, 2012


 What is Wayfinding?


Wayfinding is the name given to the art and science which allows us put the right information in the right place at the right time, in order to provide the user with an easy journey through a possibly difficult environment.

From the user’s point of view wayfinding should seem simple.  In order for this to happen we often have to solve a complex problem.


It starts outside on the street or road, is your facility cleared signed?

Corporate image matters to give the right impression of your facility

On a school/college campus is there clear directional signage to lead pedestrians and traffic to their destination?

On arrival and entering the building, particularly a large building, is there a directory to identifying the floor locations?  Are there directional signs in place to guide you?


When Wayfinding a project be it indoors or outside we give consideration to the following:


·        Accessibility for all


·        Safety and legibility of signs for all users is essential, visually impaired and non- English speakers are a key consideration.


     ·        Provide a versatile way of displaying information and posters.


We provide a complete wayfinding survey service; let us help you keep it simple!

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