The Importance of Hand Hygiene and Infection Prevention in Hospitals

February 28th, 2013


New hygiene and infection prevention inspection reports published by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) have found that poor hand-washing practice in many Irish hospitals is potentially putting patients at risk of acquiring a Healthcare Associated Infection.

It is a unique challenge to present cleaning material and hand cleaning instructions in an attractive user-friendly way and so encourage visitor compliance.  It is also important that the unit is maintenance free and can be cleaned with just a soft dry cloth.  Equally important is the area surrounding the unit that it is kept free from ‘spills’

We have developed a wall and monolith unit which are fit for purpose and are being used very successfully in many hospitals.


‘The National Maternity Hospital is an old structured building, finding strategic space to have alcohol gel dispensers, posters  which encourage the correct cleaning of  hands and space for information leaflets is a big challenge for the Infection Control Department. Since introducing the alcohol gel stands at the main entrances of the hospital, more visitors, patients and staff are using the alcohol gels and availing of the leaflets.’   

Shideh Kiafar  Infection Control Specialist National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin 2

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