Summer, Wayfinding, External Signage and Display Information Cabinets

April 9th, 2015

Has summer finally arrived?  Lovely to see blue skies, flowering trees blooming, birds singing and throngs of people out walking.

Now is a good time to check out your external signs and display information cabinets.

A successful wayfinding system provides information for users to:

  • Confirm they are at the correct start or finish point
  • Identify their location within an external space
  • Reinforce they are travelling in the right direction
  • Recognise any potential hazards
  • Identify their destination on arrival
  • Give consideration to people who are vision impaired
  • Include raised tactile lettering, maps, pictograms
  • Official Languages Act – Signage Regulations if appropriate
  • Escape safely in an emergency
  • Safety and durability are design elements critical in public environments

Display Cabinets

  • Map based signs provide great potential
  • Greater capacity to illustrate overall area
  • Easy to up-date, puts client in control
  • Facility to display events, history and heritage


  • Successful signage reassures users
  • Creates a welcoming and enjoyable environment
  • Ideally provides answers to queries before users have to ask for assistance