Corporate Image

June 8th, 2010
  • Professional well placed signs enhance the unique characteristics of the architecture of any building or environment.
  • The correct interpretation of company image and logos enhances the appearance of the facility.


  • Directional signs should clearly identify common areas, ease traffic flow and insure the safety and wellbeing of all user groups.


MG Messenger External Monolith MG Messenger External Monolith MG Pacific External Monolith Thurles Leisure Centre, Co Tipperary MG Messenger External Monolith Trinity College, Dublin - School of Nursing & Midwifery Churchfield Leisure Complex MG Messenger External Monolith MG Pacific External Monolith

MG Pacific Post Panel MG Pacific External Monolith MG Pacific External Monolith MG Compass External Monolith MG Pacific External Post Panel Claremorris Area Offices, Mayo K Leisure Clara Library & Clara Bog Visitor Centre Virginia Courthouse





  •       Clear contrast between panel colour and text colour and the extensive use of icons helps all user groups to make intuitive choices, irrespective of age, language or culture.


  •        Flexibility and ease of change putting the client in control is essential.


MG Bespoke MG Pacific Wall panel MG Pacific Internal Directory MG Messenger Internal sign Cork Civic Offices Dun Laoghaire Golf Academy ASI Clinic, Dublin 18 K Leisure Pool Portarlington Leisure Centre The Children's Medical & Research Foundation MG Classic wall panel MG Classic Desk sign MG Internal Monolith MG Sail suspended sign Abode Centre

MG Messenger wall panel MG Wall panel MG Meng Monolith MG Pacific wall panel