Architectural Signage and Good Wayfinding in an Education Facility

September 15th, 2014

We are delighted that 3 of the Schools featured in the current edition of Architecture Ireland Issue 276 are schools that we have been pleased to provide the signage in.

  • Coláiste Ailigh  - Mc Garry Ní Éanaigh Architects
  • Scoil Chuimin and Caitriona Uachtar Árd – Simon J. Kelly & Associates
  • Ballinamore Community School – McCullough Mulvin Architects

Architectural signage from Primary School, to 2nd. Level through to 3rd. level colleges needs to be deployed with great care and attention. Many things need to be taken into consideration:


Visibility:  Can the signs be seen and are they in the right place


Legibility: Can the sign be read from an appropriate distance and are the needs of the        visually impaired taken into consideration


Comprehensibility:   Is the information clearly understood and is the language and terminology appropriate to the user group


Credibility:  Does the style of the sign inspire confidence and compliment the architecture and client image.


Durability : Is the system secure and lasting


Flexibility : Where change is needed is there a Paperflex solution

Result: A signage brief that will help people find their way easily and safely and comply with health, safety and accessibility legislation.


Whether it is a child’s first experience of finding their way in a large school building or a young adult finding their way around a busy college campus well placed directional signage should make the experience easy until all students become fully familiar with their new environment.


External Pacific monolith MG Compass finger post Stainless steel lettering Sligo IT - Wall Directory Blackrock Library - Manifestation on glass MG Compass post panel Blackrock Library - suspended sign Griffith College - External Finger Post Griffith College - External Post panel IADT - External monolith MG Compass post panel MG Classic wall panel - Sligo IT MG Pacific post panel MG Pacific post panel Piper's Hill College - External Lettering Cork IT CIT - External Cabinet Athlone IT - Internal lettering National College of Ireland