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Wayfinder House

Effective wayfinding is critical to providing efficient and friendly environments for all users.

Our ultimate goal is to develop signage systems that create efficient environments providing comfort to people where they visit, inhabit and work.

Our architectural signs and modular signage systems include corporate, education and healthcare signs and solutions.

Awareness of the needs of the visually impaired has increased significantly in recent years. With an emphasis on accessibility for all, Braille and tactile can be included in the manufacture of signage.

We have developed a range of solutions, which are cost effective without compromising quality. We provide an integrated range exterior signs and information cabinets, which combine legibility with excellent design; producing an information scheme that is sympathetic to the environment in which it is used.

Simplicity is a virtue in sign design. Let us help you keep it simple!

Wayfinding is the name given to the art and science, which allows us, put the right information in the right place at the right time, in order to provide the user with an easy journey through a possibly difficult environment.

From the user’s point of view wayfinding should seem simple. In order for this to happen we often have to solve a complex problem.